The Good Vitamin Co. Good Iron + Vita C Supplement


Iron deficiency may sound scary but it’s very common – especially in women who menstruate and during pregnancy where your body and baby are getting all the goodies from your diet and leaving little leftover for yourself. A hint of Vitamin C means that your iron is going to be absorbed more effectively into your system, replenishing stores lost in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

>90 Soft chews, Wild Blackcurrant Flavour
>Gluten free, Vegan.

Each Soft-Chew contains:
Iron(as Sodium Iron EDTA): 2.25mg
Blood Orange Powder: 12mg
Anthocyanidins: 360mcg
Vitamin C: 720mcg
Kiwifruit Powder: 10mg
Soft Chew excipients
Natural Flavour (Blackcurrant)

The perfect little addition to one of our bouquets or gift boxes.

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