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Franjo’s Kitchen x Bumpnbub Motherhood Hydration Powder is a healthy way to hydrate a hardworking body. With the delicious taste of Australian blood orange and hydrating powers of coconut water; it provides a burst of electrolytes, iodine, iron and vitamins C, B-12 and K for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and beyond. We LOVE this product!

  • Developed by mums including a naturopath and a midwife.
  • No caffeine, gluten or artificial flavours.
  • Packed with plant-based ingredients for the ultimate absorption.
  • Less than 1g of natural sugar and 5mg of sodium per serve.
  • Coconut water powder filled with electrolytes to support rapid hydration plus B-vitamins.
  • Red seaweed high in iodine, iron and vitamins C, B-12 and K to aid absorption and boost protein.
  • Blood orange juice powder full of antioxidants to enhance health benefits and add a delicious flavour.
  • Cranberry powder to reduce oxidative stress and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections that are common during pregnancy.
  • Ground ginger to balance blood sugar and settle your tummy.
  • Thaumatin to add natural sweetness and improve adsorption with a plant-based protein.
  • 50 servings per pouch. Vegan, Gluten Free, 150g.

Must have for mums at any stage of their motherhood journey.

BB Sept 2023

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