Franjo’s Kitchen Choc Chip Tanker Topper Lactation Biscuits


Franjo’s Kitchen Choc Chip Tank Topper Lactation Biscuits 252g – A nutrient-packed biscuit that will energise mums tired body and support a healthy milk supply

100% natural snacks, full of superfoods to nourish mum with vitamins, minerals, fibre, good fats and complex carbohydrates during her breastfeeding journey.
100% Vegan. Egg Free, Dairy Free.
14 Biscuits (7 Serves)

Australian oats, organic buckwheat flour, organic coconut oil, organic coconut sugar, organic maple syrup, dark compound chocolate chips (8%) (sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder, emulsifier [soy lecithin], vanilla flavour), brewer’s yeast, flaxseed meal, natural vanilla extract, chia seeds, citrus fibre, salt, bicarbonate of soda, water.

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