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The products we using in our baby gifts are all tried and tested by us, and are products we love to use and trust to sooth and protect the skin of both mums and babies. They are all free from parabens, sulphates and artificial colours which can be harmful to our baby’s delicate new skin.

We love to use the Waitrose baby range, and we now stock the famous Baby Bottom Butter, Baby Bath Bubbles and Baby Soothing Massage Oil. This range is made using the purest and gentlest ingredients to help maintain the natural oil and water balance of baby’s skin. As well as the comforting aromas of vanilla, chamomile and lavender to calm your baby. These products are great for mums’ skin too!

So whether you have received one of our gifts and have fallen in love with one of our products or are simply just looking for a genuinely good baby product this is the page for you.

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